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ECNL Update


Texas Rush U14 ECNL beat Albion Hurricanes U14 ECNL 3-1 on Saturday, March 9, with a solid performance and goals from Briana Woodall and Taylor Olson (2) both pictured below.  

ECNL2013 Woodall Olson

Natasha Davenport (U16 ECNL) and Carmen Webster (U17 ECNL) were also in action this weekend at the ECNL Player Development Program (PDP) in Dallas.  The PDP event allowed the top 58 players from the Texas ECNL Conference (1997 – 1995 years) to train and play against each other in front of US National Team and College Coaches.

ECNLPDP2013Webster Davenport

Finally,  the following players have been recognized by TOP DRAWER SOCCER for their performances in the 2012/13 season.  Each player has been included in either the National Rankings or Regional Rankings as top players to watch.

Allison Abendschein (2013 Graduate) - Regional Ranking #33
Regan Garant (2013) - Regional #34
armen Webster (2014) - Regional #18
Sonia Johnson (2014) - Regional #22
Maria Fuentes (2014) – Regional #25
Samantha Mount (2014) - Regional #28
Natasha Davenport (2014) - Regional #51
Mariah Escobar (2015) - Regional #28
Monica Dallacasa (2015) Regional #35
Alison Robinson (2015) Regional #36
Lindsey Washburn (2015) Regional #47
Juliet Dalton (2015) Regional #48
Cienna Arrieta (2016) – National Ranking #141 / Regional #12
Emily Alvarado (2016) - Regional #14
Grace Piper (2016) - Regional #34
Taylor Pritchard (2016) - Regional #35
Alexandra Gonzalez (2016) - Regional #36



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