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ECNL Contact:
Andy Squire
O: 281 298 2180

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What does the “ECNL” Stand for?
Elite Clubs National League. The ECNL is the highest level of play for youth female soccer players in the United States. Member clubs are invited into the ECNL after a detailed selection process. For the 2013/14 season, 76 clubs around the United States will participate.

Who can play in the ECNL?
Elite female soccer players who are age eligible for the U14 – U18 age groups. Texas Rush has five (5) ECNL teams, one in each age group. Only ECNL member clubs can participate in the ECNL Conferences and the ECNL National Events (College Showcases).

What is the purpose of the ECNL?
To improve the training and game environment for elite female players. For more information, please visit www.eliteclubsnationalleague.com

How long is the ECNL season?
11 Months. Pre-season starts in early August and the final games (National Championship Finals) are played in mid July.

Who does Texas Rush ECNL play against?
Rush ECNL teams will play against other ECNL teams from around the country. Texas Rush competes in the Texas Conference with teams from Houston, Austin, Dallas and Oklahoma. ECNL teams also participate in National Showcase Events and Cross-Conference competitions against ECNL teams from other regional conferences.

How many Showcases/tournaments do ECNL teams attend?
In addition to their regular season conference schedule, ECNL teams are required to attend a specific number of tournaments/events each year.   This is broken down in the following way:

  • U14 ECNL Team: 
    -1 National Showcase - TBA
    -National Finals (Based on qualification) - (July 2015)
  • U15 ECNL Team:
    -National Showcase Event #1 - Phoenix, Arizona (Mid November)
    -National Showcase Event #3 - Dallas, Texas (February)
    -ECNL National Play-offs/showcase - TBA (June 2015)
    -National Finals (Based on qualification) - (July 2015)

  • U16 & U17 ECNL Teams:
    -National Showcase Event #1 - Phoenix, Arizona (Mid November)
    -National Showcase Event #2 - Sanford, Florida (Late December)
    -National Showcase Event #3 - Dallas, Texas (February)
    -ECNL National Play-offs/showcase - TBA (June 2015)
    -National Finals (Based on qualification) - (July 2015)
  • U18 ECNL Team:
    -National Showcase Event #1 - Phoenix, Arizona (November)
    -National Finals (Based on qualification) - (June 2015)

*ECNL teams will attend non-ECNL tournaments also such as Rush Cup (Aug 2014) and Dallas International Girls' Cup (March 2015)

Where does Rush ECNL train and play?
Rush ECNL teams will train at Lent’s Family Park and Northland Christian High School located in the Spring area of Greater Houston. ECNL HOME games will be played at Lent’s Family Park (Spring) and Bear Branch Sports Fields (The Woodlands). 

How much does it cost to play in the ECNL?
The Texas Rush ECNL Program Fee is:

  • U14 – U17 = $1550
  • U18 = $1250


What does the Program Fee include?

  • Training fees (full-time professional coaching/fields/lights)
  • All ECNL tournament and National Event registration fees  (non ECNL tournaments/events are not included)
  • Conference game fees (referees/fields/lights)
  • Coach travel expenses
  • ECNL Membership (registration, insurance and online player profile)
  • A full home and away adidas uniform


What other fees are associated with the ECNL Program?
After the program fee, the main financial burden on an ECNL family is the cost of travel. This will vary by team based on the number of games and events. Below are our projections based on the current travel market.


Program Fee

Travel Costs (est.)

TOTAL (per year)





















ECNL players will also be required to purchase the full Rush Uniform Package by adidas.  (game uniform included in program fee)

Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. Please contact Pam Coffman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for more information.

What is the Jr. ECNL?
The Jr. ECNL is for U11 – U13 level competitive players. Texas Rush will form Jr. ECNL teams for special events throughout the year. These events will provide exposure to the ECNL Program in the 11v11 format against other Jr. ECNL teams.

Can ECNL players play High School Soccer?
Yes. The ECNL and Texas Rush Soccer Club do their best to schedule around the High School season. Conflicts between ECNL and High School soccer are possible and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Why should elite female players play in the ECNL?
Because playing with, and against the best players in the country are key components in player development. Furthermore, the ECNL provides more exposure to college and national team coaches than any other league or elite program. The ECNL scouting network ensures that the best players in the country are evaluated and discovered in the their natural playing environment (their team) and given unique opportunities at no additional cost.


Why should elite players choose Texas Rush’s ECNL program?
Because the ECNL alone does not develop players. Clubs develop players though their training environment, club model and philosophy. The Rush Way has developed over 30 professional players and hundreds of collegiate players. To learn; more visit www.rushsoccer.com.  

Can ECNL players play in other leagues?
Yes. The ECNL is sanctioned by US Club Soccer. Therefore, ECNL players can play in other leagues such as EDDOA, SCL and the Premier League because they are sanctioned USYSA. Rush players maybe registered to play the ECNL team and Nike team who compete in a different league/association. A player who is dual-rostered and players for both the ECNL team and competitve team is called a Developmental Player.

Can players from other clubs guest play in the ECNL program?
Yes. Players from a non-ECNL club can guest play for an ECNL team through the Discovery Player rule. To find out more, contact the ECNL Director.


If you have any unanswered questions, please contact Andy Squire at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  



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